We are an artistically-minded gay film collective, some have described us as a hardcore British gang of pure Nasty, Filthy, Skinhead Beasts.... Booted and hell-bent on inflicting depraved and perverted acts on their captured stable of pigs, pups and subs. The context of our films revolves around a gang of urban skinheads hell bent on preparing and surviving in a lawless, cybernetic dystopian future, interlaced by virtual and augmented reality, artificial intelligence. We appeal in real life to the viewer-to-participant focus, taking fan fantasies and transforming them into a perverted surrealist reality. At the beginning we just wanted to make movies for our own enjoyment and to share them with others with similar interests. We were disappointed with the current our main aim is to create quality content on a strict budget - with an aim to commercialise the brand in the near future once our content is available and our growing fan-base has become larger. Our current film catalogue has been produced entirely by an unpaid team of friends and allies in our own free time over the past year and a half, despite this we have aimed to maintain high production values, technical standards and a strong brand identity. We bring with us to SkinDawg a wealth of knowledge, skills and experience from having worked within the adult (and wider) entertainment and media industries. We are also dedicated to sharing our skills and expertise across the team, and encourage fans and viewers to engage with us themselves. Established preconceptions and social norms are something we wish to challenge in a progressive way . This country is so far behind in terms of our attitudes towards sex, and the result is damaging moral boundaries and a growing trend of censorship, oppression and unnecessary legislation. and status quo.
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